Automatia – Cruel Fate’s Venture” is our next visual novel placed in alternative steampunk world, featuring the thriller story and RPG game elements.

The story will largely take place on the steamship Tyche, captained by the inexhaustibly adventurous Roger Walton, Esq. He is on a journey of scientific discovery, adventure, and daring, heading towards none other than the recently discovered South Pole – Terra Incognita, the final unexplored continent. Financed by his rich family, he hires our protagonist – one Franics Imlay, formerly of the Royal Navy – to be one of his officers.

We don’t want to reveal too many details about the story at this point, except that it is partially inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – more specifically the frame narrative. Frankenstein is the recounted tale of a dying Victor Frankenstein, who at the beginning of the novel is rescued out of the cold polar waters by an idealistic Arctic explorer.

Automatia is in a sense an alternate fictional history: what would happen if someone quite different was to have rescued from the cold sea a brilliant scientist with a secret that could change the world – for better or worse?

Here are some digital paintings as concept art for character designs:

We have great help from Bard & Jester, check their shop!


We are planning to release the game on Steam Greenlight in Spring 2019, follow development through blog posts, our social media channels and Patreon page  😉